876Get Onboarding

Thank you for your interest in joining 876get, Jamaica’s most comprehensive online marketplace and delivery service that brings the local (your) store to your customers’ doorstep! FAST!

876get Features:

When you “GET” with the program, you share a wide range of benefits from our system.

  • Client order app 
  • Business app
  • Driver app

All apps are available for download from the Apple AppStore and the Google PlayStore (iOS and Android). 

Please see our order workflow to see how an order works from it is placed online to delivery.


All rates are introductory and subjected to revision for the first six (6) months after service launch.

  • Initial store setup fee of $15,000 (one-time charge)
  • Store Fees (General) $15,000 per year
  • Store Fees (*Featured) $50,000 per year
  • The featured store will be on the front page before all other stores for the vicinity a client is in. So if you are in Mandeville, you will see all the featured stores before the other listings.
  • Pharmacies prescription upload platform charge $50,000 per year (separate gateway to allow secure upload of prescriptions)

Featured stores are showcased on the opening page of the portal for the region. For example, If you are in Mandeville and log on to the portal, all the featured stores in Mandeville are displayed towards the top of the page.

Transaction Charges

Merchant Charges (payment platform) 3.8%+GCT = 4.37% of gross sale 

876 Service Fee 5% of transaction (this also applies to cash purchases on the platform). This is determined by sales volume.

Example transaction: Customer purchases item for $2,500.
Purchase price: $2,500
Transaction fee: -$109.25 (card processing fee)
Deposit amount: $2,265.75
876get fee: -$125 (5%)

WiPay Integration (for credit card processing)

WiPay is integrated by default into the 876get platform. Businesses that desire to have their own gateway are being advised to apply at: https://wipaycaribbean.com/wipayJamaica/ Alternatively, you can use our payment gateway at no additional charge. Funds will be deposited in 2-5 business days.

Optional Accessories/Services

GPRS Printer $47,000 one-time or $3,950 monthly (rental)

The GPRS printer is linked to your account and prints your customers’ orders in your store as it happens!! Your customer orders from the 876get system and your GPRS printer prints the order details within seconds. This can assist with the busy workflow of your organization.

Customer Charges

Service Fee 3.5%-5%. This is the service fee charged to customers, it will not affect businesses on the platform. The % is dependent on the type of business. Food is 5%, other businesses will be from 3.5-5%. This will be predetermined.

Delivery Fee (starting at) $500-$1,500, but can increase depending on the location of your clients.

Required for each store

  1. Signup online
  2. Agree to terms and conditions
  3. Agree to rates and charges
  4. Follow store setup and maintenance guidelines
  5. Provide banking details (preferably) or a payment gateway (can be WiPay, paypal, or Stripe). WiPay is already integrated in 876get

The following are required to setup your store on our system

  1. Business and owner information (name, email, telephone number)
  2. Business location (address and directions if necessary)
  3. Your opening hours including cut off time for deliveries
  4. Your delivery zone (how far are you willing to offer delivery to, at what cost and will your item(s) still be delivered in the most favorable condition to satisfy your clients. You can have multiple delivery zones and separate delivery charges.
  5. Items for sale including package deals that qualify for delivery (over 25 items will incur a data entry charge, please see our getting started website for more information https://getstarted.876get.com)
  6. Pricing for the items and packages
  7. Appropriate pictures that showcase your items for sale and your business logo


To complete your business registration, please head on over to our getting started website and complete the form.

You can contact us for more information regarding your business setup on the platform or any other questions you may have. To make payments for your registration, sign up fees etc, please visit here: https://getstarted.876get.com/payments