Account Signup

What kind of businesses are allowed on the platform?

While we encourage anyone with a business; formal or informal, to utilize the platform, we also encourage persons to be socially responsible in the products or services they choose to provide through this medium. 

Please note, that we reserve the right to remove or refuse any business that is not operating within a socially responsible manner 

How will customers/clients find me?

The app uses GPS technology to locate stores that are within a customer’s Geo location or that are within your business’ delivery location.

Can I set where I want to deliver to?

Even though the app allows for delivery across the island, we know not everyone will be able to do this. For stores that will not be delivering across the island, there is a quick and easy way to set up your delivery parameters. 

Please ensure that you are logged in to your business account dashboard. Once this is done, to the right of the screen there is a list of menu options 

Select “Delivery Zones”. Once you have selected the option, you will be required to make a few edits such as the “zone name, along with a minimum order at a minimum price. Once this is done, click add, and the delivery zone will be created. 

A pop up will come on screen that will contain your physical address and you will be able to select from your map on screen your delivery radius/perimeter.

How do I sign up to be a part of the system?

Signing up is easy. Our signing up process can be broken down into 3 main steps 

Step 1 – Complete the online registration form and pay to sign up. The registration form can be completed at insert link. You will then be taken to the payment gateway to complete the first step of registration.  

Step 2 –  Your user name and password will be generated and sent. Once we have received your completed registration form and payment, an account will be created, You will be sent a confirmation email with your username and generic password (the generic password is to be changed immediately). 

Step 3 – This is the final step before having your store live and ready for delivery! Log in with your username and new password to complete registration. You will be required to provide further details, such as your banking information, business hours, payment methods etc