How It Works


Introduction: What is 876get?

“876Get is Jamaica’s most comprehensive e-commerce ecosystem”. We partner with businesses across the island to create online stores that allow customers to safely shop and have their items delivered to their doorstep while keeping everyone informed throughout the entire process using cutting edge tracking technology. There are both web based and smartphone application versions of our service which enables customers to make purchases anytime and from anywhere. 

In this proposal, you will see all the 876get Products working together; 876get Website, 876get App, Business App, Delivery App and how these benefit your business.

What do We Do?

876get, being an ecommerce ecosystem, umbrellas convenient transactions placed by customers, delivers them to the business for preparation and provides a driver to deliver the items to the customer. We do this by providing businesses with an immediate online (ecommerce store)…and an efficient delivery network, already created to simplify getting your products to your customers. 

Our mandate is to provide a convenient system for customers to get products from the businesses on our platform. These businesses include but is not limited to:

  • Food
  • Pharmacy
  • Groceries
  • Courier
  • Tech
  • Auto
  • Home & Garden
  • Errand Services

So whether your company only wants to offer delivery within a 5 mile radius or cover the entire island, we can set this up with our platform.

Where do we operate?

876get will offer our services islandwide. We will build out our delivery network in all major towns across Jamaica. So far, we operate in the following areas.

  • Mandeville
  • Ocho Rios
  • Linstead
  • Montego Bay
  • Junction (setting up)
  • Kingston (coming up)
  • Portmore (coming soon)
  • Old Harbour (coming soon)

Who are we? Who operates 876get?

876get is a purely Jamaica-owned and operated company that includes IT professionals, business persons and a team of control agents. The company was formed on the heels of FennTech LTD, the premiere IT company in Central Manchester, specializing in IT solutions for home and business. Our control agents are trained to assist with all transactions and ensure a smooth delivery to your customers.

How Does It All Work?

876get adds your business to an active marketplace where customers can select and purchase items that will be delivered to their doors…in minutes and hours, not days.

876get Features

When you “GET” with the program, you share a wide range of benefits from our system.

  • Client order app 
  • Business app
  • Driver app

All apps are available for download from the Apple AppStore and the Google PlayStore (iOS and Android). 

A simple transaction on the 876get platform is like this:

  1. Customer browses the app and choose the business to order from
  2. The business gets the order and makes it ready
  3. A driver picks up from business and delivers to customer

The following are just some of the features and benefits of being a part of this growing ecosystem.

General Features

  • Web and mobile applications for clients, drivers and businesses
  • Businesses can list all products and services and use variations like large, small, single toppings etc
  • Get your own space, your own store
  • Place your store on your own website if you’d like

Business Features

  • app alerts for all transactions and order statuses
  • alerts when the driver is outside ready to pickup order
  • businesses can provide specials
  • upselling features (you will love this!)
  • coupons
  • assign drivers to deliveries

Client Features

  • order for delivery or pickup (skip the line)
  • search nearby businesses
  • login with FB or create a password
  • ability to communicate with the driver and or business via in-app text
  • track driver in real-time on a map after order is picked up until delivered(optional)

Driver Features

  • alert for all status of the order assigned
  • easily update status (arrived, delivered etc)
  • message to customer and businesses in app
  • track all your deliveries

Benefits of being on 876get

The main benefit of joining our ecosystem is getting an online store that you can immediately use for transactions…and it comes with delivery. So:

  • An instant online store that you can manage
  • Customer support (Live chat, phone support)
  • Payment gateway (you can immediately accept cards through your store)
  • Varying methods of payment for your customers’ convenience
  • Become a part of our ongoing marketing efforts
  • Focus on marketing and prep, your transactions are being handled
  • Easy integration with existing website

876get graphics, placed on ads and posters to encourage your customers to use the app for purchases from your store.

The Order Workflow

The 876get order workflow will simplify the ordering process and integrate fast, efficient delivery for your business. See the steps below.

1.- Customer creates the order using the 876get Website or the 876get App.

The process when using the 876get Website or Apps is very simple, the customers put their address, select a restaurant/store from the list that the 876get Administrator has set up, select the product or services available and finish the purchase.

2.- Business Owner is informed.

Once the order is made by the customer, the business owner gets informed about it in several ways, he can get a push notification on their Business App, an Email in their Inbox and also a non-stop ringing pop up inside the Orders Manager in the 876get Editor (web).

3.- Business Owner Accepts or Rejects the Order.

After the order is received, the business owner (or representative in charge of orders) has to accept or reject the order before continuing the process. He can do this from the Business App or change the status of the order from the 876get Editor inside each order.

4.- The customer is informed via push notification and email.

All the products in 876get are fully synchronized , meaning that when any status is changed on the ordering products every party involved in the order will get informed, it can be via push notification, mailing, or the message feature inside each order.

This way we make sure there is no confusion in the ordering process

5.- Assigning a Driver to an Order.

Once the order is accepted by the business owner, he has the chance to assign a Driver to the order (customer receives a push notification with the assigned driver).

To assign a driver the Business App gives the option after you accept the order, in the 876get Editor there is an option where you can see the list of drivers, select one and the driver will get the push notification of a new order assigned.

6.- Driver Pick up and Delivery timing.

When the driver accepts the order, he has to set up how long it is going to take for picking up in the store/restaurant, and how long it is going to take for delivery to the customer, this information will show inside the messages feature as a historical on each order.

When the driver opens the order he will see the location for pick up and delivery, order details, routing and even if needed, he can add some more documentation such as; notes, photos, and signatures.

7.- Client & Business get informed about this status change.

The customer and the business owner are informed about every status change that the order is getting, for example, if the driver is picking the order up, they will be informed, until the order is delivered.

8.- Order Delivered and Completed.

When the driver arrives at the customer location and sets “Delivery Completed”, the customer and business owner gets a push notification and email of this change immediately.

Now the Order is finished, the customer is enjoying the order, the driver delivered the order and business made a sale. 

What does it cost to be on the 876get Ecosystem?

All rates are introductory and subject to revision for the first six (6) months after service launch.

  • Initial store setup fee of $15,000 (one-time charge)
  • Store Fees (General) $15,000 per year
  • Store Fees (*Featured) $50,000 per year
  • The featured store will be on the front page before all other stores for the vicinity a client is in. So if you are in Mandeville, you will see all the featured stores before the other listings.
  • Pharmacies prescription upload platform charge $50,000 per year (separate gateway to allow secure upload of prescriptions)

Featured stores are showcased on the opening page of the portal for the region. For example, If you are in Mandeville and log on to the portal, all the featured stores in Mandeville are displayed towards the top of the page.

Transaction Charges

Merchant Charges (online payment platform) 5% of gross sale 

876 Service Fee 5% of transaction (this also applies to cash purchases on the platform). This is determined by sales volume.

Example transaction: Customer purchases items for $2,500.

Purchase price: $2,500

Transaction fee: -$125 (card processing fee)

876get fee: -$125 (5%)

Deposit amount: $2,250

Transaction Charge Chart

Industry876get ChargeCard Processing Total Transaction ChargeTotal Transaction Without Card Processing

*Transactions that are not card based will be calculated without card processing

What about data entry and inventory?

For most restaurants, data entry is free. Other businesses that have a lot of inventory will see some nominal cost to input not just the inventory but attractive pictures where applicable.

# of ItemsData Entry Cost
First 25 productsFREE
25 – 100 products$15,000
100-250 products$30,000
251-1000 products$50,000
1000-5000 products$100,000
Over 5000 productsPlease call

Above prices are estimates and can be lower or higher depending on the difficulty of getting inventory items. Prices are based on us being provided with an inventory list in soft copy.

What do you get when you join 876get?

When you join the 876get ecosystem, you will become a part of the island’s fastest growing ecommerce platform. Below are just a few of the items we provide to businesses on the platform.

  1. A warm social media welcome and ad pushes
  2. We design a banner for your store and set it up on the platform
  3. Your own unique URL for your store eg:
  4. Stickers to seal all packages (to ensure it gets to your customers in the same way it left your store)
  5. A poster for your store with your unique QR code to push customers to shop from your store
  6. Control agents to ensure everything goes smooth for your clients. They keep communication solid until the transaction is done
  7. Trained drivers who will pick up your items and deliver them to your customers
  8. Training on how to use the software

Above: The famed 876get sticker, found on all 876get deliveries. Sealed for your customers protection

What is required to be a part of 876get?

There are some basic requirements to have your store on the platform.

Required for your store’s operation on the 876get platform

  1. Signup online
  2. Agree to terms and conditions
  3. Agree to rates and charges
  4. Follow store setup and maintenance guidelines
  5. Provide banking details (preferably) or a payment gateway. FAC and WiPay are already integrated in 876get app and website.

Required Information for your store setup

  • Store name, telephone number, email address, address
  • Manager/Owner information, Supervisor info (name, email address, telephone)
  • A brief description of your company will be required
  • Pictures that you’d want your customers to have
  • Any other relevant picture we can use to design your store banner
  • Opening and closing hours
  • (Restaurant) A menu if you have more than one eg. Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner
  • Product listing or catalog

Required Hardware/Equipment for your store

876get’s ecosystem is cloud-driven. You are required to have the following to process your orders and get them to your customers quickly.

  1. Internet connection. 876get runs on the internet; this is required
  2. Either a smartphone, tablet or PC to accept orders, communicate with customers and see all past transactions

Optional Accessories/Services

GPRS Printer $47,000 one-time or $3,950 monthly (rental)

The GPRS printer is linked to your account and prints your customers’ orders in your store as it happens!! Your customer orders from the 876get system and your GPRS printer prints the order details within seconds. This can assist with the busy workflow of your organization.

How do you get paid for transactions?

876get makes bank-direct deposits twice per week to merchants’ bank accounts provided. Deposits are made on Mondays and Thursday. We do not do cash payments.

Steps to Join 876get

  1. Complete the business registration form here:
  2. Choose and pay for your package here:
  3. Send us your inventory list or menu to:
  4. Complete the business onboarding form here:
  5. Login and verify your store (we’ll send you the credentials)
  6. You are now ready to start selling…delivery happens automagically!

Ready to sign up? Get Started Here: