How will customers/clients find me?

The app uses GPS technology to locate stores that are within a customer’s Geo location or that are within your business’ delivery location.

Can I set where I want to deliver to?

Even though the app allows for delivery across the island, we know not everyone will be able to do this. For stores that will not be delivering across the island, there is a quick and easy way to set up your delivery parameters. 

Please ensure that you are logged in to your business account dashboard. Once this is done, to the right of the screen there is a list of menu options 

Select “Delivery Zones”. Once you have selected the option, you will be required to make a few edits such as the “zone name, along with a minimum order at a minimum price. Once this is done, click add, and the delivery zone will be created. 

A pop up will come on screen that will contain your physical address and you will be able to select from your map on screen your delivery radius/perimeter.

Will I need to pay for delivery?

Yes, you will need to pay for your delivery. The delivery cost will be added at checkout. Please note that delivery cost will be affected based on location.

How is delivery handled?

Once you have accepted the order, you should proceed to prepare the order for delivery. You may be asked to give an approximate time for pick up. (This information will be conveyed to the client who has placed the order and the driver who will receive the order for delivery.) While the order is being prepared, you will also be required to indicate that you have an order for pickup so that a driver can be assigned.

Hand over order for delivery:  Once you have completed the order, you will indicate in the 876get business app that the order is ready and you have handed it over for delivery. Once a driver accepts the order then the status will be changed to “accepted by driver”. From there the order status will be changed to “on route” and both you and the customer will be able to track the progress all the way up to full delivery.